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March 2008


ou "comment le FIFO 3D de la DS fonctionne"

August 2007

Sander Stolks Projects

The model converter and model viewer I created, both run on the Nintendo DS. People always talk about how nice portability would be for model tools, and the Nintendo DS is pretty damn portable! ;p Anyway, my model converter converts .x 3D models of a specific syntax to a .c file with an NDS display list array, which can be used in NDS programs and can be viewed in my model viewer. Do note that I didn't write support for normals in my converter program, but that could easily be added. For specific details on how these two programs work, I suggest you check the readme file. And/or the source code if you find that easier to understand; it being available and all. :: View topic - Differing methods for making display lists...

the DS does not have OpenGL commands like glBeginList and glEndList. Some people (including myself) might have coded them -- or something similarly named -- to easily create such a u32 array with raw FIFO commands. So basicly, on the DS, a display list is a u32 array and nothing more. Sometimes hidden by functions.