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20 June 2006


programming infos for Clicker from DEX.

drunken coders

tutorials, tools, news, for the Nintendo DS

NDSTech Wiki

Technical documentation about the DS hardware plus links to the libnds function using stuffs. Even covers touch screen and 3D stuff ...

ready to run homebrew DS ?

lists extra hardware you might need to run homebrew DS games/apps/media players and the like

16 June 2006

08 June 2006

The Mushroom Kingdom.

Friends of Mario Bros., join here!

31 May 2006

Overclocked Remix

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Video game music remixes. Mario, Sonic, FF, bomberman: they're all there.

28 May 2006

"new" Super Mario Bros. demonstration page

a great Flash presentation of the about-to-come "new Super Mario Bros." game ... can't wait for it to be available :P

22 May 2006

The Meta Workbench

your future desktop ?? who knows ? that's mine today :P

Cyborg Jeff's homepage

Here's my brother's music collection. enjoy.


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Want to hear demoscene-related music ? Kebby or someone else ? this is the place to go !

IXP2xxx wiki

Dev'ing on IXP2xxx product ? FAQ and more on this wiki!

IXP2xxx mailing list

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Dev'ing on IXP2xxx ? join Lennert, Holylich and the other here !

ENP 2611 FAQ

A small FAQ-to-be i started about the Radisys ENP 2611 board.

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