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April 2007

Engage: The best way to start. Start menu organizer and launcher and more. - LyricCode Software

Stop wasting time hunting through your Start Menu. Your programs, documents, favorites, bookmarks, web sites, shutdown, and search engines are all just a few keystrokes away. And, Engage will organize your programs for you automatically!

February 2007

January 2007

searchslides Toolbar - Download

toolbar for and and all the rest of the slides sites

December 2006

Searchweaver - Find Everything You Need in Just One Search

Search the web using multiple search engines and keywords simultaneously, and display the results in tabs or new windows! For more information, read the site features and site requirements below.

October 2006

SEO logs - Search Engine Optimization SEO Tools and Articles

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Welcome. is a collection of useful tools for Webmasters who are hoping to get more natural traffic to their sites from the search engines. also features a Blog with insightfull articles/tips about web development. Please Bookmark U - Free community toolbar Builder in a Few Easy Steps

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Conduit is a free service that let's you create a custom dynamic toolbar in 3 easy steps

September 2006


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free "metasearch" service! Instead of having to browse to hundreds of different search engines, tagjag enables you to retrieve results from all of them through a single search.

(:: opsdo ::)

opsdo has two goals - to allow people to search many information sources which mainstream search engines do not cover well and to allow people to search groups of such sources -- e.g. RottenTomatoes, IMDb and Amazon.

Welcome to Gnosh

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Gnosh is a meta-search tool. Think dim sum: Gnosh pulls morsels from all over the web and organizes them on one plate for you.

August 2006

CyberWyre » Highest Paying Search Terms - Making A Living 100% Online

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From what I have found, below are the current top 500 higest paying Internet search keywords as of June 29, 2006 that I could find using Google’s AdWords tool. Currency is Canadian Dollars. Click for news on each item.

Google Webmaster Central

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Welcome to your one-stop shop for comprehensive info about how Google crawls and indexes websites. You can learn here how to ensure that your site is easily crawled and indexed and access tools that will enable you to diagnose crawling issues, study stati

July 2006

where I left off searching mysql php pear in

Read/WriteWeb: Search 2.0 vs Traditional Search

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* Third-generation search technologies are designed to combine the scalability of existing internet search engines with new and improved relevancy models; they bring into the equation user preferences, collaboration, collective intelligence, a rich user e

Technorati Blog Finder

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The Blog Finder is Technorati's directory of blogs, organized by subject. Type in a category name (or select one) to find blogs on that topic.