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06 July 2010

How to prototype interactive iPad applications in 30 minutes or less using Apple Keynote | Amir Khella

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The best product presentations are the ones where less is said and more is shown. Yet most people end up describing their product in bullet points, charts, tables, or boxes and arrows. There are few who take the time to create static wireframes or interactive prototypes, but the challenge is that building and showing a prototype requires you to break the flow of your presentation to switch to a different tool. And we’ve all seen presentations fall apart because a tool is not properly installed or a wireless network is not available.

21 June 2010

Open Source Multitouch Gesture Library and Illustrations - GestureWorks

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Open Source Gesture Library Open Source Gesture Library The GestureWorks multitouch authoring environment for Flash and Flex ships with a library of unique gestures. This gesture library is built upon an open source gesture framework, allowing developers to customize and extend the “gesture object” to create support for new gestures. This gives the developer the flexibility to customize gestures to suit the project, and, as new gestures become common, they can be easily incorporated, helping to “future proof” your applications.

LukeW | Touch Gesture Reference Guide

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The Touch Gesture Reference Guide is a unique set of resources for software designers and developers working on touch-based user interfaces.

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