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swissted is an ongoing project by graphic designer mike joyce, owner of stereotype design in new york city. drawing from his love of punk rock and swiss modernism, two movements that have absolutely nothing to do with one another, mike has redesigned vintage punk, hardcore, and indie rock show flyers into international typographic style posters. each poster is sized to the standard swiss kiosk dimensions of 35.5 inches wide by 50 inches high and set in berthold akzidenz grotesk medium, all lowercase. every single one of these shows actually happened.


Yakuza - ARTE

Guidé par des cinéastes, des acteurs, des producteurs mais aussi des écrivains, des critiques et un yakuza tapis dans l’ombre, le film retrace l’histoire du (...)

{matd} Michael Twyman's typographic delights : un album sur Flickr

Typographical details of Michael Twyman's ephemera collection. - French posters 19/20th Century - Telephone Directory - Time History charts - Pop Up Books - Non-Latin books - Forms



Vintage Concert Posters - Buy or Sell Concert Posters

An interesting mixture of cultural events started to change things in R&R in the sixties. With the arrival of the Beatles that began to take the music in a significantly different direction, garage band want-a-be's started popping up all over the place, but none so strong as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Peace, Love, Civil Rights, Antiwar and mind altering drugs mixed to start a steady stream of new edge rock with bands such as the Seeds, Doors, Mamas & Papas, Mothers, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver, Big Brother and a host of others. Not only was the music changing, but the way these bands presented themselves to the community and fans changed with new designs - gone were the old formats of boxing-style, block lettering and circus type traveling tour shows. The following are some of my favorites - ENJOY, the art is truly a delight, not to mention the flood of memories from such a great period.


Stanley Mouse & Alton Kelley poster gallery

and more posters from the america scene : Lee COnklin, Bonnie Maclean, Michael Bowen, Alan Forbes....

Soviet Radio Magazine Propaganda Images

There are about 700 pictures on this site. They come from a Soviet magazine "Radio" and were never published before on the Internet.

Propaganda Images From Soviet Magazines

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propaganda posters / others posters & books / film related / memorabilia

X-RATED Collection

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Adult movie posters of the 60s and 70s


Posters from the WPA: Collection Highlights Index

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The following presentation of collection highlights was selected by Library staff who have worked closely with the WPA posters. The posters were selected with an eye toward their design, representation of a variety of states and artists, and as a way of featuring those that have not been widely published. These examples demonstrate the breadth and depth of the collection and the styles and content used by the WPA to advertise varied programs and campaigns. The presentation is divided into the following sections: