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Explore – Ebooks vs. print across various behavioral...

A discovery engine for meaningful knowledge, fueled by cross-disciplinary curiosity. Edited by Maria Popova for Lore. Twitter: @explorer Art & Design Science & Technology Culture & Society History & Literature Creativity & Innovation Media & Communication Thought & Opinion About Science & Technology Culture & Society Media & Communication Ebooks vs. print across various behavioral categories. Children’s picturebooks are clearly lagging most palpably – here is Martin Salisbury’s thoughtful explanation of why.


The Future of Photography Books (discussion) « DARIUS HIMES

Andy Adams, the creative juice behind the online magazine Flak Photo recently contacted me about a “crowd-sourced” blog posting relating to photobooks, in conjunction with Resolve, the Livebooks blog. Was I game in posting something on my own blog? Sure. I’m always game for a discussion about photobooks.