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Our website is currently being redesigned. Please take a look through some of our recent work. Our previous website is still running - click here to view. Contact: Sarah Parris.

25 Amazing Photoshop 3D Text Effect Tutorials

3D Typographic design is now more popular and we can notice a surge for 3D Type work on portfolio sites. Here we have collected 25 of the cool 3D typographic Text effect tutorials, well some of them are all done by the combination of some 3D software’s like Studio Max, Xara and some times illustrator with texture and coloring done in photoshop and others completely designed using photoshop. hope you like this collection

July 2008


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If the distance between you and me = the distance from me to utopia, and distance between me to the abyss = the distance bwteen you and the abyss, then the distances between me and you and utopia and the abyss are all equal. All rights reserved Lily Lin 2008

June 2008

24 Kick Ass Portfolio Designs | fuel your creativity

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My Top 24 Favorite Websites (Portfolio Focused) Please keep in mind the focus of this post was not the actual work inside the portfolio (although awesome), it was to show the best portfolio design websites.