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February 2008


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Munin the monitoring tool surveys all your computers and remembers what it saw. It presents all the information in graphs through a web interface. Its emphasis is on plug and play capabilities. After completing a installation a high number of monitoring plugins will be playing with no more effort. Using Munin you can easily monitor the performance of your computers, networks, SANs, applications, weather measurements and whatever comes to mind. It makes it easy to determine "what's different today" when a performance problem crops up. It makes it easy to see how you're doing capacity-wise on any resources.

Network Weathermap | See Everything

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Script PHP établissant une carte du réseau avec les informations de traffic

October 2007

Running eBox on debian sarge

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This article shows how to run a file-, print-, HTTP proxy- DHCP-, and time server for small and medium enterprises (SME) on one single Debian Sarge system. It is very easy to set up, and management is done with an easy-to-use web interface called eBox so once the system is set up, you can forget about the command line. eBox was developed to administrate advanced services for corporate networks, and it was created for Debian Sarge. I want to say first that this is not the only way of setting up such a system. There are many ways of achieving this goal but this is the way I take. I do not issue any guarantee that this will work for you!

July 2007


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Un web desktop très joli qui semble très bien

LabradorData : vpsinfo

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vpsinfo is a Linux server monitoring script, written in PHP, that provides web access to system status information. It gathers the output from several common Linux commands into one web page, providing a quick overview of the system's current state.

Shell Commander

Shell Commander is a PHP script, that allows remote execution of shell commands (like SSH client) through a web browser.

How to use FTP filesystem on Ubuntu using CurlFtpFS

Some web hosting company do not offer shell access (SSH or Telnet) to your shared hosting account for security reasons, making it a bit harder for you to do regular file maintenance for your web account. Although the use of regular FTP client is adequate for most cases, some people still prefer to manipulate files directly using standard Unix tools (probably because of old habits). Fortunately, there’s CurlFtpFS which allow you to mount remote ftp account as a standard filesystem on your Linux operating system.

How-To: Monitor your servers with SNMP and Cacti

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SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a protocol for managing networks. Each managed entity in the network will run an snmp server (snmpd) which is going to collect datas from the server such as networking, load, cpu ... Cacti on the other hand is a frontend to the RRDTool with SNMP support. It collects and keep data in a MySQL database and display them through a PHP web frontend.

May 2007 - FREE website monitoring

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External Monitoring Monitor 24x7 websites, network devices and more Instantly reports your site outage and response time. To ensure ultimate web experience

April 2007


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OBM est une solution web collaborative, personnalisable de : - gestion de la relation client (CRM ou GRC), fonctions commerciales et marketing, - gestion de production (projets, temps, help desk...) orienté services, - groupware : agenda partagé multi-utilisateurs et multi-vues, partage de documents, - ... OBM est un logiciel libre, développé depuis 1998, téléchargé près de 1000 fois par mois et en production sur des sites de quelques utilisateurs à plusieurs dizaines de milliers. OBM est pensé performance, ergonomie et ouverture avec les connecteurs permettant la synchronisation des contacts, des tâches et de l’agenda... depuis une messagerie Outlook®, “Evolution”et un PDA. Bientôt disponible, le connecteur Mozilla calendar !

The Groupware Server for Web 2.0 -

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Citadel is a complete and feature-rich open source groupware platform. * Email, calendaring/scheduling, address books * Bulletin boards, mailing list server, instant messaging * Multiple domain support * An intuitive, attractive AJAX-style web interface

Sandcat Web Application Security

Sandcat allows web administrators to perform aggressive and comprehensive scans of an organization's web server to isolate vulnerabilities and identify security holes. The Sandcat scanner requires basic inputs such as host names, start URLs and port numbers to scan a complete web site and test all the web applications for security vulnerabilities.

March 2007


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Oreon est un logiciel de surveillance et de supervision réseau, basé sur le moteur de récupération d'information Open Source le plus performant : Nagios. L'objectif de ce projet est de proposer une nouvelle interface à Nagios, capable de le doter de nouvelles fonctionnalités, tout en gardant la logique des ses mécanismes existants. Le tout au sein d'une interface moderne, évolutive et destinée à tous.

How To Setup OpenDNS On Ubuntu

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Mise en place du DNS OpenDNS plus rapide sous Ubuntu