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Quelles opportunités pour votre marque dans les médias sociaux ? | Médias sociaux

Qui aurait pu prévoir il y a 5 ans la révolution qu’engendreraient les médias sociaux ? Le paysage actuel de l’internet ne résonne qu’aux noms de services apparus récemment comme Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, Blogger, FlickR, Twitter… Cette croissance fulgurante a fortement bouleversée les habitudes des internautes et surtout celles des annonceurs : comment s’y retrouver dans ces nouveaux territoires d’expression où les utilisateurs sont rois ?


Welcome to There!!

Is Your Company "There" Yet? Makena Technologies pioneered social virtual worlds with the launch of in 2003, and today maintains the deepest understanding of how online community works successfully within a virtual world context. As a result, Makena is able to offer its partners the most powerful set of virtual world marketing solutions available, with six different programs to choose from. Makena also supports each marketing program with robust statistical reporting.

Scion Joins Fourth - Yes, Fourth - Virtual World - MarketingVOX

Each virtual world lends itself to a different marketing strategy. In Whyville, where users tend to be fall between ages 8-15, the company launched a kind of virtual driver's ed. And since is populated by those in their late teens, Scion made sure to create a more provocative social environment.

Les marques dans Second Life : General Motors - Pontiac

Pontiac, filiale du groupe General Motors, est le dernier constructeur automobile à s'être investi dans l'univers virtuel de Second Life.


Online Gamers a Large Auto-Owning Demo, Want Imports - MarketingVOX

Online gamers make up a large auto-owning demographic, with 73 percent of gamers' households owning two or more vehicles


The internet is evolving, moving from ‘Pages to Places’. K Zero is a metaverse consulting and implementation company providing marketing solutions in virtual worlds.

Adscape Media

Real advertising in the virtual world