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Forget Me Not

An online experience that blends the forgotten genius of three royalty-free masterpieces with an awesome track. Every user interaction is randomly rewarded with zombies, mutants, teenage werewolves or blood thirsty creatures descending from above. In all 70 loops from three sci-fi movies from the 50’s – “The Brain that wouldn’t die”, “Teenagers from outer space” and “Attack from space” create a compelling experience with a refreshing lack of CGI.


Viewers can interact with two actors and hear their train of thoughts either simultaneously or separately, depending on how they move the dial. Together it truly does make for a jumbled audio track, but I really like this idea of enabling users to alter the storyline by providing synced but separate audio tracks.


Breaking Bad 2: Walt's Warning

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Se prendre pour un perso de Breaking Bad


Cold War Kids » I've Seen Enough (Interactive Version)

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Choose a color to change tracks. Click a band member to mute/unmute them.