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Pipes: Flickr Social - returns a feed of comments on photographs posted by user

Based on a Flickr username (not user id), returns a feed of comments on photographs posted by user together with the any comments a user has posted to other photographs. Filter out the any comments posted on any photographs that are not posted by the user such that popular photographs of other people won't also show up on the same feed, which as it often does,


Flickr: Discussing GM script: Flickr Photoset RSS Feed Links in Flickr Hacks

Install the Install scriptFlickr photoset feed links Greasemonkey script. After installing the script, when visiting a flickr user's photoset page, you will see the feed links at the bottom of the page. Clicking on these links will take you to the RSS feed of that photoset, to which you may then subscribe.

Pipes: Flickr — Group membership bulk copy

Lists groups that user FROM is in but user TO is not, linking to group’s “join” page. Does not really “copy” groups, but takes you half-way


Y! Pipe: My Flickr relationships on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Using this application, you may list your contacts with whom you have a specific (mutual) relationship. For example, you may want to see who of your friends has marked you as a friend, or rather who of your contacts does not list you as a contact, etc.

Flickr: Pipe: Flickr group-pool top contributors - Discussing Pipe: Flickr group-pool top contributors in Flickr! Pipes

This application lists the users that have added most photos to some group's pool, ordered by the number of photos they have added.