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BIB - greasemonkey - ILibX 2.0

General Questions/ Is LibX Free? How is LibX different from other library toolbars? Is there a version for my library? What version of Firefox does it work with? Does it work with Internet Explorer (IE)? Can I have two editions installed simultaneously? How can I get the Google Scholar search to work even if my institution has not registered with Google? How do I uninstall LibX?


The Internet Security Thread - ALIPAC

► Update: 7/13/13 Since there is a alot of info in this thread and might confuse people looking for a good starting solution to protect themselves from being snooped on, i'll make some simple recomendations. ► 1. Linux Mint : The best linux OS for beginers simply because it emulates the windows GUI. IMO it's best to ween off of windows slowly by installing the duel boot option on the installation disk or simply run it off the live disk to try it. Keep you windows OS while you try it. ► 2. Firewall : Normally, Linux dosen't need a firewall but its still best to play it safe so download GUFW which is availible from Linux. ► 3. Anti-Virus: Not needed, in 5 years ive yet to get a virus or malware running Linux. Some users install CLAM AV for windows files. ► 4. Browser: Firefox with Security Extensions Ghostery, HTTP everywhere, BetterPrivacy, No Script, Google Disconnect , ADBlockPlus, User Agent Switcher. this will make you untrackable and leave no traces at websites. ► 5. Search Engines: DuckDuck Go, Startpage and ixQuick.


BIB - Faire de la veille internet sur soi-même - Conseil laisser vous même vos traces sur internet, évidemment se sera les bonnes traces

une série d’idées et de sites pour faire de la veille internet sur vous même. Vous en connaissez surement une grande partie de ces sites, mais un petit rappel est toujours utile. Toujours assez ludique de faire cette cyber enquête! Et pourquoi ne pas appliquer cette même veille sur une autre personne. - (le must) Par mail tout ce qui se dit de vous sur internet (Ne pas faire qu’une veille sur votre nom.Le nom et prénom ne suffit pas). - 123 people (le constat) - Recherche sur les images (le choc des photos) - (un gros paquet d’info) - - (le méta puissant) offre des recherches variées sur le web, les images, jobs, musique, chanson liste n’est pas exhaustive, mais elle atteint largement le principe de la loi de Pareto Un autre conseil que je vous donne c’est de laisser vous même vos traces sur internet, évidemment se sera les bonnes traces (Faites comme les limaces, laissez des traces sur le web)


Web Surfing: Use Google as a free proxy - Lifehacker

What you can do now is use Google translator service (language tools) as a proxy to bypass the restrictions set for our connection!However, this strategy didn't work for many of you. Let us know if Virtual-Browser does the trick

8 Ways for Searching the Dark Web - Beyond Google! – Computer related blog - Linux Windows Unix system and Making money online

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You’ve heard of the “deep web” or “dark web” - the part not normally indexed by Google, and maybe even not by Yahoo, MSN, or Ask. Well, here’s a little list presenting a few “rabbit holes” into that vast, uncharted territory!

8 tools for the web spy researcher

8 ways to be a "web sleuth" using online tools. Track down someone's previous address using ZabaSearch, the value of a home with Zillow - Recall previous incarnations of web sites with the Internet Archive. Log onto sites without your email address with B


the Google Hacking Database (GHDB) :: I'm j0hnny. I hack stuff.

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Welcome to the Google Hacking Database (GHDB)! We call them 'googledorks' (gOO gôl'Dôrk, noun, slang) : An inept or foolish person as revealed by Google. Whatever you call these fools, you've found the center of the Google Hacking Universe! Stop by