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Papercraft Self Portrait - 2009 - Head - a set on Flickr - 3ds Max 2009 - Mudbox 2010 - Pepakura

Papercraft Self Portrait - 2009 I made this as my costume for Halloween 2009. It was kind of inspired by big-head mode seen in videogames. I really wanted to get the faceted geosphere look with wireframe. Software used: 3ds Max 2009 Mudbox 2010 Photoshop CS3 Pepakura I should mention Bert Simons and Haywan Chiu.


Make Your Own Stabilized Video Collage___Flickr extra

One of the most creative uses of Flickr video support is the "stabilized video collage," a beautiful way to capture a scene in a multi-frame moving portrait, as shown.


FotoCrib___Online Photo Editor

A web based photo editing service. fotocrib currently allows users to ... * Create montages, Add 3D effects, Encrypt photos, Create rounded corners, Convert between jpeg, png, gif, pdf and postscript formats, Send photos to email recipients

Flauntr__Free online photo editor with thousands of one click effects

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Alows people to add predesigned effects onto their photos, and allows them to save each effect, so they can add more on top of it. Effects include digital scrapbooking style 'compositions', textures, light effects, overlays and colorations.

Subvertr____Pastiche le géant du partage d’images en ligne.___Flickr

Toujours dans la petite famille des anti-plateformes sociales, Subvertr pastiche le géant du partage d’images en ligne. Pensé par Clemente Pestelli & Gionatan Quintini, ce service, qui vampirise intégralement l’interface de Flickr, offre un espace

Concentration_Memories Games on Flickr

This concentration or memory game pulls two each of the top ten interestingness pics at that given moment, randomly assigns them in my table, and then checks for matches as you uncover them.

Scrapblog___online__réaliser des scrapbook avec des centaines de stickers, effets, texte, vidéos Youtube

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Un service en ligne pour uploader vos photos depuis différents sites de partage et réaliser des mashups avec des centaines de stickers, effets, texte, vidéos Youtube… afin de créer votre scrapbook digital.

the visual index of science fiction cover art - a few thousand science fiction magazines

A coverpop : covers from the visual index of science fiction cover art, courtesy Terry Gibbons . Move the mouse over the covers to see more information, click to see the cover full-size, arranged horizontally by time, and vertically by average hue

Flickr: individual Explore - Discussing individual Explore in Flickr Hacks

un explorateur révellant vos "contacts de gouts" et des photos recommandées pour votre sensibilité.... Rapide est surprenant de justesse.A essayer !

Une belle expérience que cette "interface" créé par l'agence Mono, qui vous permet de créez jusqu'à 759375 visages différents.

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Une belle expérience que cette "interface" créé par l'agence Mono, qui vous permet de créez jusqu'à 759375 visages différents. Il suffit de cliquer sur la partie du visage que vous souhaitez modifié. Comment trouvez vous celui-ci ? :

Face Transformer____What Might You Look Like if You Were Black? or White? or Old?

Their Face Transformer gives you a glimpse of how you might look a couple decades from now, or with another ethnic background. Or drunk.).Upload your mugshot and let the Face Transformer do the rest.

Bayimg - FFree uncensored image hosting

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You can upload about 140 different formats.+.RAR +.ZIP-archives! If you upload an archive with multiple images, you'll also get an album-address for all the pictures inside of it. Tags are separated by spaces, Max file upload size is 100MB.

Chronicle your face with Flickaday

Web site Flickaday encourages you to take a picture of yourself every day (hence the title) and share it anywhere with their embedded player (see above). If you've got a webcam, Flickaday lets you take your daily picture through that, which is a breeze;

Flickr Combat, you see, you like, you vote

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There are so many great photos added every day on Flickr...... So what is FlickrCombat all about? Two pictures in each combat, seven categories to choose from (babes, cars, cats, dogs, views, guys and art), and a top 21 that says it all.

VoiceThread __un Flickr avec du son, un diaporama à la sauce collaborative. __Diaporama 2.0 - Wisibility

VoiceThread, comme son nom ne l’indique pas, est un service de partage de photos avec commentaire Audio et Tableau Blanc ..En l'état VoiceThread est perfectible. Impossible de télécharger un fichier son préparé par ailleurs. Difficile donc de coord

Picasa2flickr - Flickr Plugin Export for Picasa ( Updated for Picasa 3 Beta)

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Based on the proof of concept provided by Tabblo and using the nice flickj api, picasa2flickr provides a kind of plugin to picasa that allows users to export their photos to flickr. The mechanism: 1. Using a custom "BlogThis" Button, picasa posts XML data

Similr:__F lickr tool____Find your next favorite photo

Welcome to similr. Here are your favorite pictures. Choose one, and dumpr will look who else liked this photo and what other photo they liked. Your next favorite is just around the corner! Tutorial Lo

Weekend Project: _____Make a photo snow globe

The end result is actually pretty snazzy; and all you need to accomplish this very heartwarming gift and/or interior decoration is a clear bottle or jar (Mason jars work really well), glitter, water, photos, Goo Gone, corn syrup, scissors, and tape. This


Museumr: Flickr application____ Make your photos famous

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Welcome to museumr. In just one minute, you will be famous, and your photographs will be displayed in museums all around the globe. Eternal fame is just around the corner.