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17 September 2010 15:45

Paradox of budo

By Uchida Tatsuru Japan Quarterly january-march 2001 volume 48 nr 1 Uchida Tatsuru is a professor of contemporary French philosophy at Kobe College and is a budoka who is a sixth dan in aikido. The ultimate aim of budo Japan's martial arts, such as jujitsu, kenjutsu, jojutsu (the art of using a cane as a weapon) and aikido, is not to win, but to erase the subject who wants to win. Herein lies a paradox: if one pursues to rigorously clear all the technical demands for effectively killing or injuring the enemy in the act of self-defense, it will inevitably lead to self-denial, which would enable one's body to act without giving the enemy any clues of possible action.

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