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July 2005


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Adverblog is a blog about interactive marketing and advertising, which also presents brilliant examples of mobile, guerrilla, print, outdoor and Tv campaigns.

June 2005

Mom-To-Be Advertises Baby As Billboard

Hutchison, a stay-at-home mother, has placed notices on the Web sites Craigslist and eBay seeking bids of at least $1,000 for the rights for one month.

Product placement in governor's TV ad

The 30-second spot promoting Arnold Schwarzenegger's ballot agenda prominently displayed Diet Pepsi on the table.

May 2005

Welcome to Tobii Technology

Eye-tracking technology applied to usability research and computer interaction solutions.

Peugeot 407

Experimental-narrative website for Peugeot 407

Project fox | Re-designing the way of life and mobility.

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In collaboration with MTV, Volkswagen is about to launch 'Project Fox'; the event will bring together young hip designers, artists and cooks who have been invited to develop and implement their creative ideas to support the launch of the new VW Fox.


Floyd Hayes put his voice up for sale on eBay, promising to shout out a brand name as loud as possible every fifteen minutes for an entire week.

GWEI - Global Web-Marketing & E-Business Information Magazine

Subversive web project, which aims to buy Google with funds generated via Adsense - Google's own advertising program.

March 2005

BrightHouse Neurostrategies

The world's first Ideation Corporation, brings analytics and creativity together.

Body Billboardz

Advertise on human body parts.

February 2005


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Monitors and reports the performance of viral advertising campaigns from around the World in a real time on-line Chart.

Consumer Whore

Unlikely marketing and branding shemes.


Nuns have discovered the perfect advertising medium, on the back of homeless peoples coats.