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May 2005

Grant Robinson online

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Projects, blogs, photography and portfolio.

March 2005

Julia Set

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Julia Set is an online weblog published by the Design and Technology Program at Parsons School of Design, NYC.

ID Fuel

the Industrial Design Weblog.

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English version of Eizo Okada's blog about design, fashion, architecture and art.


Blog about Architecture, Art, Computing, Ethnography, Information Design, Mobile, Urban and Wi-fi.

Future Feeder

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Feeding Technology, Design and architecture.

a n t e n n a

A Blog from Giant Ant about Visual Design, Interface Design and User Experience.

February 2005

plasticbag weblog

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A weblog by Tom Coates, who works for BBC Radio and Music Interactive and thinks about social software, personal publishing, graphic design, online gaming and the future of media consumption.

Near Near Future

by 27 others
A blog for the near future, from activism to wifi.