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10 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Sucks… | Collective Thoughts

…or more importantly, the way most people seem to be going about it, including me at times.

Web Trend Map 2007 Version 2.0

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The 200 most successful websites on the web, ordered by category, proximity, success, popularity and perspective.


Iqons is a social networking site for the fashion community. For professionals, stars, students and everyone interested in fashion designers, stylists, fashion photographers and models.


Piczo has created a space that gives teens around the world the freedom and tools to express themselves and connect with friends in a safer social networking environment.

by 2 others is a social network for hundreds of social causes and over 1 million nonprofit organizations.

Stylehive - What's hot. Right now

The Stylehive is a global social shopping community, dedicated to discovering and sharing the most exciting products, the stores that sell them, and the people that find them.


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Unilife è una community dedicata al mondo universitario italiano e di conseguenza a tutte le persone che ruotano attorno a questo mondo: in primis gli studenti e i docenti, ma anche dottorandi, laureati e personale non docente.


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Bebo is the next generation social networking site where members can stay in touch with their College friends, connect with friends, share photos, discover new interests and just hang out.



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Sitemap to WEB 2.0 Products and Services


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TagViewer is a little site to help you browse the social tag sites and see what is hot and new for your chosen tag. Written in Ruby on Rails TagViewer takes advantage of RoR's AJAX integration.


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12 perfect cases for Ajax

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