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February 2009

Byethost Free Hosting |

by simon_bricolo & 1 other
Best Free web host. Up to 5GB space also allows Mysql Database

January 2009

EverSave |

by simon_bricolo
free app (for Macs only, I’m afraid) that does just that — saves your work in any application, on a timed schedule or at any time you switch between applications.

iConvert: Convert ico, icns, and png icons online for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

by tokitama & 1 other

December 2008

Online file storage | Livedrive

by tokitama & 1 other

November 2008

Free Phone Calls with freebuzzer |

by simon_bricolo
International free phone call but only for 2 minutes

Install and setup Xen on Debian 4.0 Etch — Lone-Wolf Scripts

by camel (via)
Xen is a GPLed virtualization solution available in Debian 4.0 Etch repositories. This article help you to create a coherent Xen installation, with backups and minimum security enhancements. This guide fits my vision of a Xen setup. If it does not fit yours, you are free to adapt it to your needs, or to not use it. For information In this guide, i use the term "virtual host". Be aware that Xen use its own terminology. In a Xen setup, instanciated (aka. started) virtual hosts are called "Domains". Once your computer configured for Xen, all the operating systems run in "domains". The original operating system, where the Xen's control tools are installed, is called "dom0" (for domain No zero). All the guest operating systems are said to be installed in a "domU" (for User domain). As i'm a little lazy (well, yeah... very lazy), i don't want to endure this mind twisting, and i will mainly use the "virtual host" term in this guide. So, if you read this guide, don't by angry at me because of the terms i use.

October 2008

Sikbox - Live Search Made Easy

by Jeremy B. & 3 others
The easiest way to have a fancy and useful live search on your blog.

September 2008

August 2008 :: Using free software for HTTP load testing

by camel & 1 other (via)
A good way to see how your Web applications and server will behave under high load is by testing them with a simulated load. We tested several free software tools that do such testing to see which work best for what kinds of sites. If you leave out the load-testing packages that are no longer maintained, non-free, or fail the installation process in some obscure way, you are left with five candidates: curl-loader, httperf, Siege, Tsung, and Apache JMeter.

Online image editor pixlr

by tokitama & 6 others

July 2008

Photojojo » Photojojo’s Favorite Flickr Add-ons and Mashups

by Samyra008 & 1 other (via)
If there’s something Flickr’s just not doing right or too slowly (or not quite your style), chances are someone’s created a tool that’ll let you have Flickr your way.