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April 2007

Copy Songs From iPod to Windows

by springnet
Using iPod Access to backup the library on your iPod to a computer provides a ton of features you might expect from a more traditional full hard disk backup solution.

Sync iPod with Windows Media Player 10

by springnet
There are a few third-party solutions designed to bypass iTunes as an interface for your iPod.

February 2007

January 2007


by springnet
Amy Cook’s new album, which will be officially released on February 16th, is featured on the Famecast “Show the World Your Talent” website. User comments on Famecast included “dreamy and beautiful”, “breathtaking video”, fabulous photograph

December 2006

The Last iPod Video Guide You’ll Ever Need at Plastic Bugs

by springnet
I was recently inspired to create a guide for Mac users who just got themselves a brand new iPod! We’ll go over all the options you’ve got and how to convert absolutely anything and everything: DVDs, TiVo video, messy AVIs, muxed MPEGs and more to iPo

November 2006

Wired News: Two MP3s and a Microphone

by springnet
Once you're ready to experiment with beat matching, you'll need to pay for the privilege. There are no free programs that can beat match with precision. For aspiring Windows-using DJs, the aptly named PCDJ Red VRM ($100, free 15-day trial with full functi

October 2006


by springnet & 5 others
SharePod 3 is a lightweight music management program for your iPod. You can copy music and videos between your iPod and computers usually without having to install anything on the computer.

July 2006

Restoration (System Utilities - Backup & Restore)

by springnet & 1 other
Restoration recovers files deleted from your system. The software searches your hard drive for sectors containing files marked for deletion and provide a mechanism for recovering the files.iPod Access is the answer. It's the best solution I found for tran

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