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March 2008

Webware: Cool Web 2.0 apps for everyone

by springnet & 2 others
Twing is launching a new site on Tuesday where you can find out what people have written about specific topics in forums and other online communities.

February 2008

January 2008

A Sample of Journals Using Open Journal Systems | Public Knowledge Project

by springnet
This is not a comprehensive list of the over 900 titles using OJS (as of March 2007) in ten languages, but includes those who have indicated an interest in being listed, and is intended to illustrate the diversity of journals using system.

Social Networks in Education » home

by springnet & 1 other
listing of social networks used in educational environments. Please add to this list (alphabetical by category and within categories).

December 2007

Bootstrapper » The 100 Daily Must-Reads for Entrepreneurs

by springnet
The 100 Daily Must-Reads for Entrepreneurs Monday, July 23, 2007 at 7:23pm by admin These days, it seems that almost everyone has a blog, so it’s often hard to separate what’s really worth reading from what isn’t. 100 best sites


by springnet
With more than 1,000 venture capital and private equity firms listed, BoogarLists is an excellent place for entrepreneurs to start their search for investment capital. And for students, analysts and planners who need to kick-start or augment their on-lin

October 2007


by springnet
googles 800-4664-411 service rocks fee directory assistance with text messaging and maps

Silicon Hills of Austin / Links Plus -

by springnet
The companies and organizations listed below have offices and an online presence in the Austin area. Most are headquartered here.

September 2007

Finding the Best Videos: A Guide to Video Aggregation Sites

by springnet
top 10 videos on YouTube have been viewed a collective 307.7 million times. In February, Emre Sokullu identified over 60 major players

July 2007

TwitDir is the White Pages for Twits aka People on Twitter

by springnet
But, it's also much more than a mere directory. Not only can you look up people, but you can also search topics to see who's writing about the things you care about.

June 2007

TV Links | Movie Links | Video Lemon

by springnet
Search for any TV Show, Movie, User Video, Torrent File, Music Video, Radio or TV Station...

May 2007 - The complete Web 2.0 directory

by springnet & 86 others, 3 comments
killer tag interface to web 2.0 apps. See also

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