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On-line Social Internet Bookmarks

by chernobylnews
Video, Music, Software, Programming, Design, Linux, Tools, Technology, Blog, Business, Web, Mac, Free, Opensource, Funny, Reference, Web20, Computer, Ajax, Php,


Web 2.0 Watch » Blog Archive » SOFTWARE KVM (HowTo)

by isiah
Web 2.0 Watch - Excellent Guide On How To Implement a SOFTWARE KVM (control 2 or more computers) Windows, Linux, & OS X


Yoono, People Powered

by metropol & 24 others (via)
Yoono offers you a new experience of the web! Yoono is a free software application you can download which combines for the first time the management and sharing of information. Based on pooling user knowledge, yoono is a collaborative search engine and an innovative communication tool. With yoono, don't search alone, share with those that know... » Safarilicious - Export your Safari Bookmarks To

by metropol & 2 others
Safarilicious parses your Safari bookmarks and allows to export them to your account. And even more, it has a nifty Update Option which, if activated, only exports those bookmarks which are not on your account yet.

Simpy - tagging, social bookmarking and personal search engine

by thauser & 51 others
''Simpy indexes your bookmarks and lets you search them. It eliminates the need to use bookmark folders (also known as categories) by using tags to create virtual, dynamic folders on the fly.'' ▬ Blog Archive ▬ tag(1): file tagging

by thauser & 7 others
''… In this post, I propose a simple, portable design, contrast my design choices against some other possibilities, and then provide an initial implementation of that design in Perl. …''

Delibar - A cocoa delicious client -

by rjjjsp & 5 others
Delibar is a Delicious client, it will be store all your bookmarks in the system bar so you can easily access at it by select the tag and the link.

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