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VoIP by sipgate - Free phone service for your VoIP phone

by ycc2106
No monthly charges, no set up fees, no monthly minimum, yet includes landline features like three-way calling and conferencing.

TechTLV : Can you hear me now? The operator-centric mobile model is over

by oseres
Can you hear me now? The operator-centric mobile model is over Last week, T-Mobile Germany made some waves by banning Skype for the iPhone. Some might read this as a long overdue reassertion of operator power, but I disagree. A few months ago, I learned from a reliable source that a major operator was deliberately not shipping a very popular mobile phone model that they knew their customers wanted because the phone didn’t give them enough control over what the customer does. The phone was too open. This is exactly what Google was talking about back in 2007 when it insisted on openness as a condition to bidding in the FCC’s spectrum auction. Ten years ago, when I covered mobile operators on Wall Street, they used to cite their vast capital expenditure on building on their cellular networks as their core differentiator. This was the reality behind Verizon’s amusing “can you hear me now?” campaign.


I, Cringely . The Pulpit . Skyped | PBS

by mattbe
in Skype and $3 billion would probably not be too much to pay. But I think the most likely purchaser of Skype would be a mobile telephone company. Since Skype service requires broadband, and broadband so far is inherently fixed, Skype threatens only incumbent FIXED phone service, not mobile service. Skype causes headaches for Verizon, but not for Verizon Wireless. So Skype would appeal most to mobile phone carriers who have no fixed telephone assets. That means no offers from SBC, BellSouth, Sprint, or Verizon, just to speak of U.S. carriers, but Skype might be supremely attractive to a Vodaphone or an NTT DoCoMo, both of which have the ability to finance such a deal effortlessly. Expect Skype to be sold, another viral marketing success sucked up by big business. Expect it to go to either a major broadband provider or, more likely, to a big mobile carrier with no fixed telephone assets. And whoever buys Skype, expect them to throw money into making the company into even more of a multinational telecom headache than it currently is. Of course, the rest of the VoIP industry loves this. If Skype is worth $3 billion, then so is Vonage and maybe Packet8. This purchase


SoonR - In Touch Now

by rikaizm & 8 others


by arnet & 8 others
SoonR allows users to access applications and files on their Windows computer via their cell phone. If your cell phone is web enabled, you can use SoonR to access Outlook, pictures and other files and applications on your PC.

Evoca - Easily create, organize, share and search voice recordings.

by ycc2106 & 11 others
Now everyone can easily create, organize, share and search voice recordings. Blog sidebar


by arnet & 8 others
Lets you use skype from your mobile phone.


UK Start-Up to Launch Internet Telephony Service

by teleclick
The British telecommunications start-up, Timico is planning to launch a Skype-style internet telephony service, for business users.

Skype Makes Deal with Mobile Phone Carrier

by teleclick
The new deal will allow E-Plus’s 9.8 million customers to bundle unlimited Skype VoIP service with their wireless web subscriptions.

New Software for Making Skype Calls Over Cell Phones

by teleclick
The new start-up company, iSkoot is piggybacking on Skype to allow cell phone users to make wireless long distance phone calls at very little or no cost.

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