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CSS Templates ( Page 1 of 15 ) - Free CSS Templates

by holyver (via)
Find here a never before seen collection of free CSS Templates, one of the biggest in the entire web! All these CSS templates are: * 1. Table free in its design (no tables have been used for layout purposes). * 2. The templates are light weight, so that it won’t take too long to load. * 3. W3C Standard compliant. * 4. Comes with public domain photos, provided by Wikimedia Commons and * 5. And comes FREE under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.


Building your very own web2.0 layout | mentalized

by ycc2106
So you wanna look web2.0? You’ve come to the right place. In this short feature I’ll guide you through creating your very own webdesign template ready to be applied to your web2.0 application or blog or startup or what else you see fit. You’ll go fr

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