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2006 - Get inspired!

by -Nicolas- & 7 others, 1 comment is the web's new premier source for showcasing excellent websites and inspire artists all alike to create spectacular work of their own. We have the largest collection of websites you will ever lay your eyes on, and it keeps on growing every day.

» CSS: Techniques, Tutorials, Layouts | Smashing Magazine | modern magazine for web-designers and developers

by -Nicolas- & 3 others
Since web-development is a quite dynamic field nowadays, new techniques are being developed and updated all the time. A primary example are CSS-related techniques, which emerge almost every day and offer more possibilities for fellows web-developers. We keep an eye on the recent developments and collect new ideas and methods for our readers. A “fresh” round-up of the “fresh” CSS techniques, tutorials and layouts.

Software Development in the Real World: The Complete List of CSS Tools

by -Nicolas- & 2 others
There are so many great CSS Tools out there to use! Please feel free to use this list as the most up to date list on the Internet.

Dynamic Drive CSS Layouts- Tableless, CSS based templates

by -Nicolas- & 14 others (via)
This is Dynamic Drive's new CSS layouts section. Here you'll find tableless, CSS based page templates to quickly define the skeleton of your pages.

Most Inspired

by robsonlb & 29 others (via)
Need inspiration? Check out Most Inspired, a portal that aggregates design galleries and showcases designs by hovering over each headline. I can spend my whole day on this site looking through all of the excellent design work.

UX Magazine - The User Experience Magazine

by oqdbpo & 13 others
UX Magazine sets out to explore, promote & discuss the multiple facets of user experience one article at a time. It is built upon the foundations of ProjectNeo, a global interactive design community.


Subtraction: Grid Computing… and Design

by bech & 4 others
Khoi Vinh demontrerer, hvordan han bruger gitre til at layoute sine websider.

design in-flight: Feeling your way around grids

by bech
Grafisk designer Mark Boulton forklarer her om hvordan man anvender det gyldne snit og reglen om trediedele til opstilling af grafiske gitre i praksis.

EMOTIONS by Mike :: freelance portfolio

by bech
Mike er freelance webdesigner. Her er nogle lækre designs som kan være god inspiration.

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