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31 December 1969 17:00

Genuine Microsoft Software

by HandySolo
Users of genuine Windows XP operating systems are invited to take advantage of the special offers on this page.

I want a Freeware Utility to ... 300+ common problems solved : eConsultant

by HandySolo & 56 others
I want a Freeware Utility to ... 450+ common problems solved.

Download details: XML Notepad 2006

by HandySolo
XML Notepad 2006 provides a simple intuitive user interface for browsing and editing XML documents.

Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Webcast Series

by HandySolo & 1 other
When you attend three webcasts, you’ll receive an ASP.NET 2.0 Development Pack, including Microsoft Visual Studio® 2005 Standard Edition (Not for Resale), five chapters of Programming ASP.NET 2.0 Core Reference, by Dino Esposito, and more.*

The Road to Know Where: Ultimate List of Free Windows Software from Microsoft

by HandySolo
Microsoft has over 150 FREE Windows & Office Programs available for download -- finding them all is extremely difficult. Until now

ExpressPDF :: Convert online Word, Excel, Web pages to PDF Free !

by HandySolo & 18 others
ExpressPDF is an online service that lets you convert your Microsoft Office documents to PDF.<br /> This service can also convert Web pages to PDF !

Punk Software - UberIcon

by HandySolo
ÜberIcon creates a more customizable atmosphere on your desktop by extending Windows to perform new effects when you launch your icons and folders. The effects are plugin-based to give you control over the look and feel.

JBidWatcher: Java-based auction bidding/sniping and management software

by HandySolo & 2 others
A Java-based application allowing you to monitor auctions you`re not part of, submit bids, snipe (bid at the last moment), and otherwise track your auction-site experience. It includes adult-auction management, MANY currencies (yen, pound, dollar (US, Canada, Australian, and New Taiwanese), Swiss Francs, and euro, presently), drag-and-drop of auction URLs, a unique and powerful `multisniping` feature, a relatively nice UI, and is known to work cleanly under Linux, Windows, Solaris, and MacOSX from the same binary.

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