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April 2008

Magento - Home - Open Source eCommerce Evolved

by springnet & 29 others
Magento was designed with the notion that each eCommerce implementation has to be unique since no two businesses are alike. Magento's modular architecture puts the control back in the hands of the online merchant and places no constraints on business proc

Magento - Store Demo - Open Source eCommerce Evolved

by springnet
In the demo's frontend, explore how a Magento-driven store might look to your customer and test some of the features. Get a feel for it by going through the checkout process, tagging a product or leaving a review.

March 2008

Blog Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging - ProBlogger

by springnet & 19 others
Here’s a quick AdSense tip that could make you some good money. AdSense offers two rectangle ad unit sizes - 300×250 pixels and 336×280 pixels.

February 2008

Using WordPress as CMS | blogHelper

by springnet & 2 others
WordPress (WP) has always been a highly versatile blogging platform, even way back in v1.2. So versatile that many have attempted to push it to the next level, and use it as a more conventional content management system (CMS) - not unlike Drupal, XOOPS, J

Shopit - The Social Commerce Network

by springnet & 1 other
Shopit's storefront profiles, portable store widgets and networking tools are built for social commerce. Use them to buy, sell, trade, or to just promote yourself, anywhere on the web.

September 2007

Amplifier - Undependent™ Distribution

by springnet
THE ELEVATOR PITCH Amplifier provides a direct distribution platform for creators of every stripe.

June 2007

Home Based Business Opportunities / Job Opportunities

by springnet
all these methods allegedly generate lotso dosho, and every single one is legal at least somewhere.

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