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Skeletal Systems of Cartoons

by evilmonkeypaw
very nicely drawn comparison of what a character looks like to what skeletal system beneath would look like


Comics @ Mai`Nada.Net - Sketch your Comic Strip

by tiago.cardoso & 3 others
<table><tr><td><img src=""/></td><td>Sketch your own comic strip directly online with this revolutionary web app. See your imagination being rate by everyone and promote your own website.</td></tr></table><br /> Here you are able to show your humour and sketching hability. Sketch your imagination!

Comics @ Mai`Nada.Net - Sketch your imagination

by tiago.cardoso & 1 other
<table cellspacing=`5`><br /><tr><td><img src=""/><br /></td><td>Comics @ Mainada is probably the first web application in the world to allow users to draw complete comic strips directly online.</td></tr></table><br /> <br /> It’s free to everyone and can be a great showcast for humor sketch artists to show their art : you can draw online and immediately everyone else in the world with a net connection can see it.<br /> <br /> It`s good for artists that want to show their talent and work and don`t know much about creating a website or putting their drawing online and as it`s all centralized, you can go there and see other people work and see what`s being done recently. On the other hand, it also great to average people that love cartoons and humorist sketches to go and see always new cartoons.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> It uses open laszlo and was created on ruby on rails: two great open source projects.<br /> <br /> Be at ease, use your imagination and tell your friends.<br /> <br /> Show your talent here!

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