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31 December 1969 17:00

familypress-dot-net » Dasher

by HandySolo
Dasher is a plugin that replaces the super-slow default WordPress Dashboard with a simple, configurable page.

0ink! » Wordpress Plugins

by HandySolo
KQF (was KQD) used to be just an AJAX powered plugin that replaced the default dashboard. Now you can use it to add feeds to posts, pages and much more! KQF allows you to customise the look and behaviour of feeds the way you like. The plugin has been renamed to reflect this versatility. Feed management made simple!

WP Plugins DB: x-Dashboard

by HandySolo
Drop-in replacement for WP's default dashboard. Allows you to: - Disable selectively each component of the default dashboard - Choose display order and location of each element - Easily add new modules to get a customized display each time you log in.

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