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by costel (via)
Chrysanthemums | Nature and Travel Photography

Autumnal Roses Photos

by costel (via)
Autumnal Roses Photos in Wordpress Photoblog



Visual Culture Blog: Visual Studies and Visual Communication

by sbrothier
The Visual Culture Blog is published by the photographer and researcher in visual culture Marco Bohr. As he reached the finishing line of a theory based PhD on Japanese photography of the 1990s, Marco began the Visual Culture Blog in October 2010 to vent some ideas that didn’t fit into the thesis. Born and raised in Germany, studying photography in Canada, living in Japan, and continuing postgraduate studies in the UK, he hopes to bring an international perspective to the study of visual culture(s). Marco recently completed a Visiting Fellowship at the Australian National University and is on his way to become Lecturer in Visual Communication at Loughborough University.

One year of books

by sbrothier
We are husband and wife, living in Paris. This blog shows our growing book collection


My Gear Main Page « Vincent Laforet's Blog

by sbrothier
The following is a catalogue of the different pieces of gear I have been using in my kit – some for years and some only more recently. I have included the items I currently use and love most, and just like my kit, expect this list to be ever evolving. There will be new additions to the list over time, and I will continue to populate it with examples and behind the scenes footage of the gear in action.


MSF Photo Blog

by sbrothier & 1 other
Médecins Sans Frontières photo blog

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