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January 2015

Yellow Lab Tools - Outil en ligne + logiciel libre : métriques sur la perfomance web

by dzc & 2 others
open source project It lets you test a webpage (via an URL) and detects performance and front-end code quality issues. This is done by loading the webpage via PhantomJS and collecting various metrics and statistics with the help of Phantomas. These metrics are categorized and transformed into scores. It also gives in-depth details so developpers can correct the detected issues.

October 2014

A curated list of Web Performance Optimization (Awesome WPO - GitHub)

by dzc & 1 other
Everyone can contribute here ! Docs, Blogs, Talks, Analyzers, Analyzers API, Benchmark (CSS-JS), Bookmarklets, CDN, Image Optimizers, Loaders ...

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