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January 2007

August 2006

Java3D Forums at SUN

by chickenfire
Java3d Forum at SUN's Java Technology Forums.

July 2006

Java 3D Forum at

by chickenfire
Forum about the Java 3D API of the java programming language.

May 2006

Serenity 2 - The tutorial - LWG v3.0

by xaxxy
As promised, with this thread I will be showing the construction of the Firefly class vessel. You will need to be proficient with vertibevel, rounder or the Smooth Shift and Bevel tools.

April 2006

L’Era Glaciale, il Disgelo: recensione del nuovo film d’animazione 3D di Blue Sky Studios. CG Italia

by xaxxy
Divertimento, comicità e tecnica sopraffina per il nuovo film di 90 minuti espressamente dedicato ai più piccoli dai 2 ai 102 annii. Blue Sky Studio realizza un nuovo successo dell’animazione digitale 3D.

March 2006

February 2006

ASCII Generator

by matrault & 34 others
Software pour faire des fonts dans nos scripts RPM

January 2006

December 2005

June 2005

Google Earth, browse the World in 3D, Real time.

by xaxxy (via)
According to Windipundit, Google is releasing to selected Keyhole users a beta version of the Google Earth application.

May 2005

The Chronicles of Narnia Sony ImageWorks/Rythm & Hues (2005) Movie News, Articles, Images. - CG Explorer

by xaxxy (via)
Latest news about Disney's movie based on C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia. Director: Andrew Adamson. Release date: 9 December 2005.

April 2005

3D Studio MAX Discreet News Links Resources - CG Explorer

by xaxxy & 1 other (via)
Latest news about 3D Studio MAX, the 3D Rendering and Modeling Application by Discreet. Links to reviews, books, tutorials, 3d models, updates.

January 2005

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