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April 2008

March 2008

Cool Hunting: Bruce Shapiro

by sbrothier
Northern California-based artist Bruce Shapiro makes the kind of kinetic sculpture that mesmerizes and dazzles visitors at science museums using computers and simple motors, a practice he terms "The Art of Motion Control." In episode 94 we visit Bruce at the Maker Fair and at his home to learn more about works like "Pipedream," effectively a screen that uses bubbles in place of pixels, "Sisyphus, "an intricate zen sand drawing and a kinetic ribbon sculpture modeled on ribbon dancers.

February 2008

Frozen-Bubble for Mac OS X

by nhoizey
Frozen Bubble is a popular free puzzle game. User controls a small canon, shooting bubbles and tries to hit other bubbles so to create groups of 3 or more bubbles of the same color. Whenever this is accomplished these bubbles go away. The purpose of the g

January 2008

Fictional radio-spaces · Touch

by mbertier (via)
In this project called “the bubbles of radio” Ingeborg Marie Dehs Thomas used critical, visual design as a way of exploring the perception of many kinds of electromagnetic fields.

December 2007

Flickr : Photos de Lord V

by fotopol & 1 other
Spécialiste macro Insectes,soap bubbles,bulles de savon,3D

November 2007

September 2007

Make your own comic with MAKE BELIEFS COMIX! Online Educational Comic Generator for Kids of All Ages

by knann
Looking for an alternative to a quiz or an assignment of boring vocabulary definitions written on notebook paper? Trying to find a way to prompt students to write even short passages? Trying to teach simple dialog to ESL/ELL students? Working on appropriate language and interpersonal skills with emotional support students? Looking for a creative way to make clever newsletter additions, bulletin board items, or class rules? Use this great online tool for both students and teachers to create web-based or printed comic strips from a selection of characters and voice bubbles-- and with your OWN text!

July 2007

Speech Bubbles

by Hieroglyphe & 1 other
Now you can, to any picture on the Internet - and you can share it with friends, or even start your own competition if you like.


by mozkart & 5 others (via)
Add Bubbles to any video,  Post it anywhere you wish!

June 2007


by sylvainulg (via)
Thinkfish's technical blog...

Bubbles 2 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

by fotopol
Photomacrographies, de fleurs et différents sujets

May 2007

Video Search Engine - Single Window To Search Videos From Best 100 Video Portals

by voyage2mail
Customized Video Search Engine - you can search your video from more than 100 video sharing portals by single search engine - Absolutely Free. Start searching with Brain Bubbles Video Search - Single Window To Search Videos.

Une application de MindMap française

by Giraultises (via)
Bubble-Mind est une application développé en Flex qui vous permet de réaliser des Mindmaps en ligne. Bien que le concept soit très intéressant (et français!), il faut néanmoins avoir une souris et un clavier pour saisir les bubbles. A voir...

April 2007

Baby Bath Home

by shan21
All your baby bath needs and more including baby bath toys, bath bubbles and bath safety accessories for babies and toddlers.

Gmail Growl for Google Notifier

by jpcaruana & 1 other (via)
Makes Google Notifier show Growl notification bubbles whenever new email arrives in your Gmail inbox.

March 2007 » CSS Speech Bubbles

by tomlaigle & 2 others (via)
Des bulles à mettre dans ses commentaires

Flash Webcam Game - Motion Bubbles

by irols (via)
How to play Motion Bubbles This webcam game requires a web camera to play. To start the game, press the "Allow" button to enable your webcam.